IMPORTANT DATES : > Payment of GST & filing summary return of September by Regular & Casual Suppliers. Last date to claim Input Tax Credit of FY 2018-19. : 20/10/2019      > Return of Inward & Outward Supplies for September by Non-Resident foreign taxable person. : 20/10/2019      > Balance Sheet in XBRL format.(30 days of AGM) : 30/10/2019      > Balance Sheet in Non XBRL format.(30 days of AGM) : 30/10/2019      > Monthly Return by Tax Deductor for September. : 30/10/2019      > Deposit of TDS on payment made for purchase of property in September. : 30/10/2019      > Deposit of TDS/TCS of previous month on purchase of property : 30/10/2019      > Issue of TCS certificate for September quarter. : 30/10/2019      > Specified Companies(receiving supplies from Micro & Small whose outstanding dues exceed 45 days) to file details of all outstanding dues to Micro or Small enterprises suppliers for Apr to Sep. : 31/10/2019      > E-filing of Tax Audit Report/MAT Audit Report : 31/10/2019      > Filing of Income Tax returns by Cos, Partnership firms etc. (Audit applicable) : 31/10/2019      > Quarterly Return of Outward supplies in Jul-Sep (turnover upto 1.5 Cr.) : 31/10/2019      > TDS returns for September Quarter by ALL deductors : 31/10/2019     
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Establishment of CENTRAL KOLKATA CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS STUDY CIRCLE - EIRC was recommended by EIRC of ICAI and was approved by CPE Directorate, New Delhi of ICAI in August, 2002.
The basic objective of formation of this Study Circle was:
  • To organize at least requisite number of CPE programmes as per guidelines of CPE Directorate, so that members can get the minimum required CPE Hours credit.
  • To organize the CPE programs at minimum cost to enable the members to complete their CPE requirements at affordable cost
  • To provide value addition to members by enriching their knowledge by organising quality programmes.
  • To keep the Members of the study circle updated of changes in the matter of Audit, Taxation Laws, Company Law & other related areas and discuss all problems faced in day-to-day practice.
  • To develop a second line of speakers, by providing opportunity to the learned and knowledgable person a platform.
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